Yori Bot

Yori-Bot is a highly customisable discord bot with a focus on admin and moderations commands. It boasts a powerful logging module with logs available the the YoriBot website and 2 intuitive ways for role management.

Yori has a very active development team and, within reasonable limits, we will help you with all aspects of the bot.





Awesome features

Clear command usage

All of our commands are conveniently organised into a help menu which can be looked through using reactions


Fully customisable suit of commands including welcome messages, logging and role management

Regular Updates

Development on Yori began in September of 2017 and we released the first version in January 2018. Since then we've aimed for at least monthly updates bringing new features, feature updates and bug fixes. As of the start of November 2018 Yori underwent a full rewrite stripping away all of the old clunky commands. All of the commands in Yori have undergone extensive testing to give users the best experience.